Access Hire Eqipment

September 14, 2017

West Cranes & Access Hire offers one of the largest and diverse fleets of Access Boom equipment in Western Victoria. With the ever changing and developing technology innovations, the Access Boom and Scissor Lift sectors are experiencing enormous advancements throughout the industry. Therefore demands have increased and competition throughout this sector has created a highly competitive market. Complementing the Company’s Mobile Crane Fleet, West Cranes & Access Hire are experiencing high demand and have identified the need for continued growth across Western Victoria and beyond to further develop and maintain the highest standards of workmanship and services.

Scissor lifts start from six metres and go up to 12 metres and booms start from 12 metres and go up to an impressive 33 metres (110f). If you need an elevated work platform, scissor lift or track scissor please call West Cranes & Access Hire.

West Cranes & Access Hire offer a large variety of services to a diverse range of clients and industries such as: Farming and Agriculture, Land Mineral Resources, Mining, Road and Rail, Festivals, Functions and Events. The importance placed on industry and economic treads play a vital roll for West Cranes & Access Hire’s direction and future throughout the region and beyond.

West Cranes & Access Hire have just recently acquired the certification of Electrical Spotting and Traffic Management services. The Company has identified the need for these services throughout the region in recent times to accompany the array of existing services that the Company offers such as: Mobile Crane Hire, EWP’s, Heavy Haulage, Access Booms, Generator Hire, Container Hire/Sale and Steel Rigging.

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