Yearly Archive: 2018

The Largest Crane in the World

August 18, 2018 Belgian company Sarens has unveiled the world’s largest crane – the SGC-250, which will be used to perform all the major lifts at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in the UK. NuScale Power has also selected PaR Systems to design and manufacture the crane that will be a key component of the building...
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Western Victoria’s Green Power Hub

March 15, 2018 The ambition for the Bulgana Green Power Hub, situated roughly 300km West of Melbourne, is to develop an environmental, economical and sustainable sound wind and storage facility which will dramatically improve the states energy security. Therefore reducing power prices for the consumer and facilitating greater uptake of renewable energy. Using the latest proven battery technology,...
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Stawell Gold Mine ‘Perspective Outlook’

January 10, 2018 With the recent developments regarding the sale of the ‘Stawell Gold Mine” Confidence has grown amongst the local and regional sectors with employment opportunities set to rise as the Stawell Gold Mine begins the planning stages to re-open production and operations. With one of the longest standing partnerships throughout Western Victoria, West Cranes & Access...
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