Still Humming after 20 years

November 21, 2019

Acknowledging almost 50 years in the crane industry and over 20 years in partnership with the DRA Group. Gary West and West Cranes & Access Hire were more than welcoming when Cranes and Lifting asked to write a feature article in conjunction with The DRA Group.

West has been impressed with the long-term performance of the 25t Humma with a lot of hours clocked on it and not run into problems.

“Being a small company, we are very hands on, and we conduct 90 per cent of our own maintenance so we understand the machine inside and out and understand where improvements can be made.

“We’ve now got three 35-25s in the fleet and it’s an excellent machine. It has a 21m power boom, they’re quick down the road, the air springs make for a comfortable ride, there’s no cabin noise or steering vibration and they’re tough and easy to operate. They’re also easy to fix because of the simplicity of design,” he said.

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“They use well known components like the Cummins engine, the hydraulic rams are made in Italy, the air bag suspension is the same as those on the big trucks and many of the components are off the shelf,” said West.

The 35-25 has also opened up a number of new markets for West. He said that with the continual drive for safer work practices on construction sites, tier-one builders are de-rating lifting charts to 75 per cent.

“If you have a 25t machine and de-rate it by 25 per cent, you’re removing a lot of capacity. Of course, it’s the same issue with the 35s but even with the reduced 25 per cent they are still at the upper end of the lift market,” he said.

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