All-terrain mobile cranes, Stawell

West Cranes & Access Hire has a versatile fleet of all-terrain mobile cranes for hire in Stawell, available across Western Victoria. The mobile fleet includes the largest available crane for hire in Western Victoria, the Demag AC100, with a 50-metre boom and 33-metre extension. Twenty and 55 ton mobile cranes are also available, perfect for rough terrain and building sites.

For heavy-duty lifting take a look at the mobile hydraulic cranes for hire in Stawell too.

Demag 100T

The Demag AC100 all-terrain mobile crane has a 50-metre main boom with an extension of up to 33 metres. This is the biggest in the West Cranes & Access Hire fleet. This is a five-axle crane with a carrier length of 11 metres. Located in Stawell, Western Victoria, The Demag AC100 all-terrain mobile crane is the...
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Demag 55T

The Demag 55 ton all-terrain crane is the strongest all-terrain crane in its class, which means fantastic reach with short rigging time frames. It has an overall length of 9.3 metres with a 40-metre main boom length and a 50-metre fly extension. Located in Stawell, Western Victoria, the Demag 55 ton all-terrain crane is a very capable and...
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Tadano 20T

With a maximum capacity of 20 tons, this is a versatile crane designed for all conditions on a variety of sites for a range of different projects. Beam and jack outriggers provide flexibility which is required for working at alternate locations, while providing the stability needed on the job. West Cranes & Access Hire has...
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